Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Whimsical Wednesdays: Guilt

Suzanne den Boer, grade 7

It happened again
Someone was picked on by "them"
It was mean
I saw tears well up in her eyes
I know how she felt
I know she was hurt
It has happened to me before
Yet I didn't say anything
I didn't tell her I understood

They wanted to feel cool
They thought by putting her down
They would make themselves look better
I know why they did it
I've done it before
Why didn't I stand up for her?
Was I afraid they would have picked on me?

Comment: I wrote Guilt in Mrs. Heeg's literature class in grade seven. I remember recording myself reading it on tape to play for the class.

This is another poem from my Writer's Craft Anthology. It is not very advanced as far as craft, but it captures my emotions about bullying quite well.

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