Reason To Mourn by Ben Harper

Reason to Mourn

I can't know the hell you love
But I know you've had enough
Some baptize in water
Some in flames

What has life done to you
All you ever wanted was someone to run to you
There's more to life than what makes you cry

Don't you give me a reason to mourn
Look into my eyes with all your hate and scorn
I'll remove the crown of sorrow which you have been adorned
But don't you give me a reason to mourn

There are many sorrows in life. People you have lost. Things you wish had never happened. Opportunities missed. It is painful when your sorrow or angst starts to affect the ones who love, or when you don't treat them with the respect, consideration, or love they deserve. This song reminds me not to dwell in that dark place and that there is "more to life than what makes you cry." Also I find it interesting the lyric "I can't know the hell you love." Sometimes there is a perverse pleasure in staying in your anger or bitterness and mulling it over in your mind. You actually enjoy it for a time, but only in forgiveness and letting go can you find peace of mind and heart. 

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