Monday, September 07, 2015

Suzanne as a Hypocrite

In the Shakespearean Sense

I should probably apply for a job as a tragedarian. I would do very well over-inflating people's opinions and passing them on to other people. Think Othello or Romeo and Juliet. I would be the person who simply thinks they have no other option than to become a star-crossed lover.

Of course watching either play you just want to shake some sense into these overly dramatic people. If only Othello didn't allow his jealousy to spin out of control. If he recognized he was different than others, but in a good way, maybe he wouldn't have murdered Desdemona. Or if only Romeo had actually listened to the Friar's wisdom, or Juliet hadn't been so hasty to view all things as lost forever.

Young lovers tend to be dramatic I suppose. But as someone who has tried online dating with disasterous results before, I know my way around love, you would think. However I had never actually been deeply in love with any one. Folly seems to dog my footsteps like a faithful but overly persistent pet.

If I would listen to the voices of wisdom all around me, I certainly would have it in me to be more discerning and discriminating. It is in following poor advice, or my emotions instead of my heart, that I run into trouble. I tend to be overly nice to certain guys, which naturally challenges them to attempt to win my heart through kindness and/or sheer persistance. Some guys have a tough guy personna, but I have more power as a woman than I sometimes recognize. When you play with fire, expect to get singed by the flame.

Creating false expectations is not kind. Trying to match-make various friends is not kind to any one. Did I learn nothing from Emma from Jane Austen? Manipulation of others even with good intentions is never a good idea.

I am basically a push over. I would do anything for the children or seniors that I work with. However, tough love is sometimes necessary for strong-willed children and you can't allow yourself to become a door mat.

If I don't want to remain unsuccessful at love, I have to follow some basic biblical advice: "Guard your heart, for from it issue the well springs of life." When I do marry, I want to be someone who has followed this advice; I already failed in this area before, so I pray for a renewed innocence and purity.

No one should school themselves to be any one's Saviour. Those auditions have already been held. Neither should they actually seek martydom. That happens naturally in this sin-striken world. And absolutely no one is any one's personal Holy Spirit!

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