Monday, September 14, 2015

Some Reassembly Required

In my life, Jesus is busy doing carpentry repair work. Reordering a few things here. Moving some things around to get them tidied up. Doing a little sawing and then sweeping up the dust.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised at him doing such work. He was originally a carpenter after all, and I did invite him in my heart to stay so naturally we should clean house together. This renovation work will also involve building up some fences that got torn down in the back 40.

Some walls are meant to be there to protect you. Other walls you build to keep Jesus out of certain parts of your heart need to come down. Jesus is the only one with the knowledge and skills to do such work in a way that will protect your heart, mind and soul from further damage.

Jesus was tempted in every way. Yet he did not sin. He understands temptation certainly. But as the sinless Son of God he is the one qualified to also be the Great High Priest and stand in heaven interceding for me. But he is also the Good Shepherd who was willing to lay down his life for his sheep, 

I don't know why I keep going astray. All that I know is I am glad he always goes looking for me and finds me and brings me back to the green pastures and quiet waters. Because he restores my soul, Goodness and mercy dwell with him and as long as he is with me, I am going to be okay.

So the pruning work can begin on my garden, It might seem a little painful, but it has to be done; Each branch in Christ that bears fruit is pruned back, but the ones that are unfruitful are burned in the fire. The flames are real, but so is the Gardener, the Vine, and the branches. We all must remain in the Vine in order to be fruitful and to avoid being unproductive in our knowledge of the truth.

There is no sense having truth, and not being willing to apply it, even if it hurts. Christ is also the Great Physician. Today I am remembering my dear friend's father who is at this moment undergoing surgery. I am praying for the best outcome and a good recovery for him. He is in God's hands!

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