Thursday, October 01, 2015


"O God you are my God. Earnestly I seek you, my soul longs for you. In a dry and weary land where there is no water." David wrote these words in the Psalms, and I think every one can relate to being in a desert place. There is just a barren expanse every where you look. It is scorching during the day and freezing at night. You have little food and even less water. Your throat is dry and parched.

Jesus once spent 40 days in the wilderness without food or much water and then he was tempted by Satan. He stood the test, but I confess that three hours without food and I would definitely fail the test. I get so grumpy! My cousin calls it hangry, which is a mix of angry and hungry... not fun to be around a hangry person.

Longing for God as much as you long for water. That is basically longing for life that only God can bring. A dry and weary land is a place where you meet your calling. There in the valley, in the wilderness you find your purpose and you find God! For when you seek him you will find him, when you seek him with all your heart!

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