Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Firm Footing

John Milton, if I can recall back to the time a long time ago when I was an English major/Religion major, once wrote "They also serve who stand and wait." He was considering how "his light" is "spent," after suffering from blindness near the end of his life.

Waiting is an art form. Not knowing where you are headed, what you will do when you get there, and why you are in a holding pattern in the first place, can be tough. It is only trust that allows you to wait for answers or for some sign you will be okay.

I am well in body and in spirit and my mind is healing as well. God's blessings are upon me and I know Jesus Christ is with me, walking beside me, and maybe at times carrying me.

Yesterday I went to a celebration of the program I have attended since I was a teenager at 19. It is a wonderful program called Cleghorn. I have had the same doctor since I began and she is excellent. They started Cleghorn ten years ago. Before that they were at McMaster with the 3G clinic. It was wonderful to see how Jock Cleghorn began advocacy and research work back in 1986 and to see the photos of my nurse and doctor in their younger years. I also saw my old occupational therapist there, who has since retired and is married to another doctor I once had.

I met a class-mate's father there and heard the wonderful news about what is going on in his life and that of his family. It was a very encouraging and fun time. I arrived home in time to make supper.

I am very blessed to have the medical care that I do; thanks to the work of people like Jock Cleghorn, my doctor, and my nurse who raised awareness and continue to help people regain their lives. They are an inspiration and I admire them.

I am grateful for how God took me through this summer and gave me a firm place to set my feet. Life is not the same, but it is actually better!

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