Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday morning Anticipation

Sunday mornings can be so cozy. My sister takes her shower before church. My Mom sits reading her devotional in bed. My Dad cooks breakfast half an hour later than usual, so he sometimes manages to sleep in.

This Sunday should be a great one! My pastor is back from a two week vacation, so he should be invigorated and refreshed. I have already seen him since he has got back and I think he is as passionate as ever about his work in Waterdown and the greater Hamilton area.

What I enjoy the most about my pastor is that he shares from his heart. He also preaches his message to himself as he realizes he has not yet arrived at the destination where he is trying to lead us. He spends much time in prayer and in Bible study. At times he feels called to share a different message than the one he prepared for that particular Sunday.

Inviting the Holy Spirit to direct your service can be thrilling as when every one uses their gifts, you really never know where you might end up. Somewhere good, somewhere healing, somewhere where you are stretched beyond yourself.  Stretching is a good thing for the spirit!

I love my church, because no one expects you to be any one other than yourself as a broken human being in need of God. Every one has a word of encouragement or exhortation or will simply give out free hugs. The children who attend the service are so wonderful and melt my heart! We don't have many young families in our congregation so our Church school is small, but the kids are really learning well. I help teach them occasionally.

One of my favourite going to church song is "We are going to make it to the Church on time." I also love Brian Doerkson, Hillsongs United, The City Philharmonic, Fernando Ortega, Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Switchfoot and Jon Foreman, Chris Tomlin, and Newsboys.

Just really looking forward to this day! May you be blessed whether you are staying at home today, going out with friends, attending a service in your own fellowship, or listening or viewing a service from the comfort of your own arm-chair.

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