Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Night Flicks- In Her Shoes

Any movie that Roger Ebert gives "Two Enthuisastic Thumbs Up!" and contains the comic talents of Cameron Diaz and Toni Collete, with Shirley Maclaine providing excellent support, is well worth a view. Not your typical mindless romantic comedy In Her Shoes explores what it is like to have a loved one who suffers from mental illness, and also dark themes such as suicide, family estrangement, sisterly rivalry, and betrayal and cheating.

This is definitely not a movie you want an impressionable ten year old viewing, but the ending alone is worth all the cringe-worthy scenes. My Mom watched it for the first time a couple weeks ago and she is certainly more squeamish than me as far as violence and sexual themes and she pronounced it a thoughtful, worthwhile film.

To avoid giving any significant spoilers, in case you actually want to enjoy this movie sometime, I will not give out the major plot points. However I will tell you the mental health theme is done with taste and is a truthful reflection of what happens in too many homes all around the world, when someone exuberant and full of life, declines anti-psychotic medication and treatment and decides to live on his or her own terms. The sound track is also quite lovely.

I normally have a hard time with movies depicting mental illness. I loved "A Beautiful Mind" and "Dead Poet's Society" and appreciated Robin William's performance in the little known film "Awakenings," but they really are so sad for me to watch. Any one who has to be repeatedly hospitalized for persistent mental illness is worthy of our sympathy and compassion, not judgement and censure.


Mrs. Gryce said...

Still one of my favourite movies of all-time!

Suzanne den Boer said...

It is a very good movie! Some movies are worth owning a copy of for repeated viewing... I have quite a collection now.