Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas 2007 and the New Year

On Monday, December 17 my Grandma passed away. She had been ill for some time, after being diagnosed with mouth cancer about three years ago. She had gone through surgeries, radiation and a case of shingles, and hadn't been able to swallow food all that time. My Grandpa tirelessly nursed her and fed her through a tube in her small intestine three times a day for a couple of hours each feeding. For the last week and a half of her life she was in the hospital and could no longer breathe on her own and didn't talk. My Grandma was a strong person who was cheerful and loving. I admired her for her lack of complaint and perseverence through adversity. In the end, she wanted to go home and I know she is now in a place without suffering or illness.

The funeral was on Saturday and the Christmas season was a time of grief as well as a time of celebration of my grandmother's life. She was in her 87th year and had a full life. She and my Grandpa had been married 58 years. They met in the Netherlands at the beginning of WWII and were separated most of the war, writing eachother letters through the occupation of Holland. They immigrated to Canada after marrying and had five children, four sons and a daughter. My Grandma was a champion Scrabble player, a good cook, and a loving wife, mother, and grandmother. She often laughed and had a warm smile. I know my Grandpa will find it hard to go on now his life companion is gone. I will miss her, but I am glad she is with Jesus and no longer suffering.

As another year approaches, I am taking stock of my life. I am not sure what this new year will bring. I am making some resolutions, including posting more often on this blog. Lately I have been more negative, and I want to renew my hope, faith, and love.