Never Leave Lonely Alone by Ben Harper

Never Leave Lonely Alone (HARPER)

Like an old man
Sitting alone a lunch counter
Like a small town girl
A big city devours
Some of us laugh
Even in our darkest hour

Never leave lonely alone

Unspoken rules of solitude
Wound without a trace
A lifetime of dreams roll down your face
All that we can't say
Is all we need to hear
When you close your eyes
Does the world disappear

There's something in everyone
Only they know
It moves in the hidden ways
Of joy and sorrow

Never leave lonely alone

This song feels me with a sense of sorrow whenever I listen to it. Sometimes I feel so alone even when surrounded by other people. Someone today reminded me that I am not alone and that I am deeply loved and cherished by God and embraced by my church family. She prayed for my healing, wholeness and joy and said things would not be easy by any means, but that God is with me. She also encouraged me about my desire for someone to share my life with. I did feel like a lifetime of dreams were rolling down my face as I listened to her pray. I am grateful for people like her who "never leave lonely alone" and listen to God's call to speak into another person's life. Sometimes there aren't words you yourself can speak that express the deepest feelings of your heart or address the pain you feel. It is then I am grateful to be thoroughly known and yet completely loved by a God who understands both my joys and sorrows.

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