Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Faith Enough

The ice is thin enough for walking
The rope is worn enough to climb
My throat is dry enough for talking
The world is crumbling but I know why
The world is crumbling but I know why

The storm is wild enough for sailing
The bridge is weak enough to cross
This body frail enough for fighting
I'm home enough to know I'm lost
I'm home enough to know I'm lost

It's just enough to be strong/In the broken places, in the broken places/It's just enough to be strong/ Should the world rely on faith tonight

The land unfit enough for planting
Barren enough to conceive
Poor enough to gain the treasure
Enough a cynic to believe
Enough a cynic to believe

Confused enough to know direction
The sun eclipsed enough to shine
Be still enough to finally tremble
And see enough to know I'm blind
And see enough to know I'm blind

Should the world rely on faith tonight

Jars of Clay from the Album "Who We Are Instead"

Sometimes faith is just enough. You don't know where you are going, just as Abraham (then Abram) didn't know when God called him. You can only see one step ahead of yourself, as if you had only an oil lamp to light your way. You are disorientated, you think yourself barren and sterile of hope, you don't know when what you planted will even bear fruit. Your body may be frail, your physical energy sapped, your spiritual energy flagging. But if you can trust, and obey what you sense God is calling you to do, you will find faith is enough.

Why is the world crumbling? It is build on greed, on lust, on rivalry, and war against the other. The kingdom of God will one day fill the entire earth and all this will just be a memory. It is then we will want God to tell us "Well done, good and faithful servant." We need to build our lives on the solid rock so when the storm comes, our structure will be standing firm.

We need to try to get along with people who are of different backgrounds, different faiths, different cultures. We must stop exploiting the poor and the marginalized. People have to realize who they are hurting when they pick up a prostitute on the street. Not only are they hurting themselves, they are exploiting another human being. We also need to help the homeless and dispossessed. They have genuine grievances and often have nowhere to turn for help. They may be addicted to drugs or alcohol, but they do this to medicate their pain. Those who are Native to Canada have been wronged for centuries and have a legacy of abuse and mistreatment at the hands of the powerful.

Before we judge another person, we need to take a good look at ourselves. The same goes for me. Do I talk the the talk more than I walk the walk? Talk is cheap. People listen to action. Preach the gospel by your actions, and then if necessary use words.

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