Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Spring Whose Waters Don't Fail

When I think about all the many ways God has blessed me in my life, my heart overflows with gratitude. Sometimes I get distracted and start to consider my problems. Jesus said, "You will say to this Mountain, be cast into the sea..." and it will be done.

I am trying to discern my calling. There are many things I could do, but I can't choose all of them. I will be going back to work in time, but I also have a sense I am to pursue biblical studies and writing and teaching the word of God. I will be volunteering in the meantime and even there I will have to chose carefully.

Thankfully I enjoy Bible studies so much, it does not drain but energizes me. I will start work part-time so I can ease into working again. I am travelling to see family this weekend and later I will be visiting my sister in Cochrane, Alberta for a few days. By the time I come back I should be up for a challenge.

Waiting patiently is not my strong suit. Worry is my downfall, but I will learn how to trust God with everything in my life. He has a plan and he has a purpose in mind. It is only for me to discover where my giftings and vocation will lead me. Jesus has reassured me it will be an adventure and that he has my back. He won't ever let me drown in my problems and doubts. He gives living water and it will become like a spring bubbling out of me! He will renew my strength and trust, and he will never let me go.

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