Saturday, April 29, 2006

To My Sister On Her Birthday

Sister, I know you as
a bubbling brook sparkling
with the sun reaching its golden fingers
to its depths as if to pluck
its glinting stones, small smooth brightly coloured
gifts to the world
that make your song so beautiful

I remember you laughing, your dark head
bent, your exotic eyes sparkling
I remember your gap-toothed smile, so ready
and so charming
Your name means “pretty” and you always were
I remember your cute little ringlets as a toddler
And how you communicated by gestures and sounds
rather than words
Later you made up for it and could keep up a steady stream of chatter
I remember your ever-present hair-bands
when you were growing your bangs out
They were bright, fat, and cloth-coloured
and held back your bubbled hair
slightly bleached by the sun
I remember how you would seize upon an idea and not let go
You understood the parable of the persistent widow
better than any one I know
I remember how you found friends everywhere
And cared deeply about them all
I remember when we were room-mates sharing a bunk bed
You were a collector, but organized
I lazed in bed in the mornings but you always
leapt out of bed to greet the day
I remember when we were devotional partners
praying and laughing together, excited by our spiritual potential

Does the stream flow on and the dance
of light continue? Does your song go on?
I hope the spring thaw will swell your banks
For to you I may be a sister of blood only
But you will always be a sister of my heart


John den Boer said...

Thanks, Suzanne. That's a very touching and deep poem.

Suzanne den Boer said...

Your welcome John and thank you. It helped me to write it, but whether it connected in any way with the intended recipient is unknown, although I mailed her a copy with her birthday card so I assume she has read it.

Rod and Bec said...

eBeautiful and touching Suzanne. Well done.

Suzanne den Boer said...

Thanks Becky. I just heard the exciting news about your brother and future sister-in-law. So in typical Dutch fashion I wish you congratulations on your brother's engagement.

Jono_or_Janice said...

Poems like that will undoubtedly have an effect. Great work!

Suzanne den Boer said...

Thanks Jono and/or Janice. I hope so.

Royboy said...

yay finally something worth reading i have been looking through some of the blogs and nothing was as touching as that poem good for you

Royboy said...

cheers the trips were exciting but you deserved the positive feedback