Saturday, October 03, 2015

Saturday Night Reads: "Julie" by Catherine Marshall

I have been working on an amazing book that I want to share about, but I haven't quite finished it, so I will turn to an old favourite by Catherine Marshall called "Julie." This book is very autobiographical and tells the story of eighteen year-old Julie Wallace, who moves to a mining town in Pennsylvania in 1934, together with her family. Her father, who was a former pastor who was basically politically manoeuvred out of his church, is taking over a struggling newspaper. Julie, who has aspirations to become a writer, discovers that her new town is controlled by powerful people who care nothing for the town or the environment. Much like Nancy Drew, she sleuths and uncovers a story of greed and malevolence few could have guessed at.

Her father is assisted in his fight by a secretive Christian society who Julie at first mistrusts and later admires. The Wallace family and a newcomer, who becomes a local pastor, fight for justice and truth against great odds. Julie herself is torn between two very different men, one a man of the world and the other the pastor, who is a man of ideals for social justice.

The book ends dramatically, and the story will likely captivate you, if you enjoyed Catherine Marshall's more well-known book entitled "Christy," which was made into a television series. Of the two books my favourite is "Julie;" I like most books about women who lived long ago and have dreams of being writers. I also enjoy L.M. Montgomery's Emily books as well as "The Story Girl" and "The Golden Road" and all things "Anne of Green Gables."

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