Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Westward Bound

I am embarking on another adventure. Today I had WRAP group (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) which was a positive experience and then I stopped in at the museum in the building and met a wonderful volunteer and another outpatient who was lovely to chat with. But first I went to lunch at the Colour's Cafe and had a grilled cheese on rye with tomato. After that I went to Mohawk College briefly before walking to the library. I got a new book on writing your healing story and an interesting book on indie books to read. Afterwards I ran into my old next door neighbour who was on her way to shop and offered to drive me home first. I got home just as my mother was arriving home from work.

Tomorrow my true adventure begins. I am going out west to visit my sister in her community near Calgary. It will be beautiful this time of year in the mountains and foothills. I will be staying at the residence on campus, so I should sleep well. My sister is taking only one day off, but Clint has his reading week while I am there. I will get to attend church with them and babysit the kids at least once.

I am very much anticipating getting reacquainted with my sister and brother-in-law, and spending time with my nieces and nephews. They are all getting so much bigger since I last saw them. Julie and Owen I saw at Rachel's wedding, but Ethan and Charity I haven't seen since Charity was a baby when I went out to Saskatchewan with my parents.

I hope we will spending some time hiking and just talking. I am probably bringing along my afghan, which I have to get done for January and does not in the least resemble an afghan yet. I will be helping my sister out around the house, with dishes, supper ect. and also playing with my nephews and nieces so I may not get much done on the afghan anyways. I am also taking along some books, because what is a vacation without reading?

My flight leaves at 6:35 am, so I will be up super early tomorrow. I won't be taking my laptop, so I am not sure if I will blog at all while I am there. We will see I guess. I will take my digital camera because I want some pictures of my nephews and nieces especially.

My good friend has an MRI tonight so she will up very late and sleeping in. Whereas I will be up at 4:30 am. Praying for her, for answers and a good report!

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