Monday, October 12, 2015

Autumn Zephyr

I had a wonderful time last night with two of my four sisters and their significant others. Even though the meal did not turn out Martha Stewart perfect, it was an enjoyable Thanksgiving celebration. The apple cheesecake turned out superb. The fruit salad was excessive. The carrots were tasty. The salad prepared by Rachel was good. The spaghetti squash by Joel and Rachel was perfectly done. The applesauce reminded me of Grandpa's. The chicken was falling apart; the stuffing alone was unsatisfactory. The sweet potato fries by Christina were so so good! All in all it was an excellent meal, and I did not get stressed during its preparation. I am now making soup, as my Mom would do.

This is the first Thanksgiving in my life that my Mom hasn't been here to make the meal. She usually takes great delight in preparing things almost single-handedly for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. My contribution is usually some baking like squares or brownies, cookies, and cake, or most likely all of the above.

This Christmas I will also be baking for my sister's wedding which is on January 2nd. Yesterday my sisters found their bridesmaid dresses... they are exquisite! I am not in the wedding party, but I will need to get a new dress. I loved my one from Rachel's wedding, but it probably doesn't fit me anymore and also it is in all the pictures.

My sister and brother-in-law are going back to Montreal tomorrow, I think, but this week is Christina's reading week. She is going away, I think, for a few days to a friend's cottage. Since Christina works on weekends she is always home for Saturdays.

I am sure my parents are enjoying their time with Karen and Clint and the grand kids. Last I heard they were playing Settlers of Catan together. They should enjoy their Thanksgiving today.

When you stop and think about all the changes that have happened in the last six months, it is pretty remarkable. I am definitely not the same person, either physically, spiritually, emotionally, or psychologically. I am stepping into new things and new directions. Not sure which way the autumn wind will carry me.

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