Tuesday, October 13, 2015

"Psalm 23"

Psalm 23

God is my leader and my guide.
He gives me everything I need.
He grants me rest and peace.
He rejuvenates the core of my being,
And helps me make righteous choices.
Even though I experience dreadful times
I'm not afraid because God is with me
And he comforts me.
God nourishes me while my enemies look on.
He gives me his anointing;
Your joy spills out.
Goodness and love will be my pursuers
Forever I will be with God.

This is the version of Psalm 23 I wrote in Writer's Craft when I was seventeen. Our assignment was to rewrite a psalm. As with many people, this Psalm of David means so much to me. I sometimes imagine the peaceful stream and sitting beside the Good Shepherd. I prefer David's version to mine, but it was a good exercise to think about what the Psalm means personally to me.

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