Saturday, October 10, 2015

Saturday Night Reads: "The Father's Tale" by Michael D. O'Brien

One might be daunted by the size of this lengthy tome at 1076 pages... The length of a book is never a deterrent to me. I love Michener, after all, and devoured "Pillars of the Earth." But some do find it intimidating to read such a long book.

"The Father's Tale" is a modern retelling for the parables of the Good Shepherd and the Prodigal Son, and Michael O'Brien delivers a tour de force as his protagonist, Alex Graham, a middle aged book seller from Canada, pursues his wayward son around the world. Alex has very limited funds and resources, and comes to a few dead ends and leads that seem to go nowhere. A few times he comes heart-breakingly close, only to be out-manoeuvred once again.

I don't want to reveal the plot details, but I will say this book is captivating, engrossing, and worth every page! I always say we should be supporting Canadian authors of substance.

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