Sunday, October 18, 2015

Like A River

It is only one day until the Federal election. I spent yesterday morning and a good part of the afternoon delivering door post flyers to remind supporters to vote. On my team were two dynamic high school students, who proved invaluable at directing me through Ancaster. These two girls, who were fifteen and sixteen, were pretty amazing. Normally I do not feel comfortable driving in Ancaster as there are so many roads that seem to have no idea which way they are going to wind next, and to me it just seems like some kind of complex maze I have never figured out. Also there is not always a safe place to park. We did three (or was it four?) polls and the weather cooperated by being sunny and not too cold.

I am glad to have had the opportunity to work on this campaign, as I have met so many like minded people and rarely are they anything but positive. When you are on a team like that, there is a camaraderie and a joy in working for a common goal. Even when you yourself are having a bad day, you can't stay unhappy for long.

Sometimes I think, I wouldn't even have worked with my candidate, had I not went through this terrible spring and summer and been unable to work for so many months. I begin to see a purpose even in something that still sometimes seems unfair. In a world where doctors communicated with other doctors and didn't base their decisions on what the patient happens to be saying, it wouldn't have happened. 

But what ifs have never been particularly productive, as a line of thought. The fact is, it did happen and I am forever changed by it. Since most of the changes are positive, I guess I can live with that. This could be preparing me for future fruitful work, or it could be forcing me to transform and reform my ways of thinking and relating to people.

Last night Don Cherry said it so well: It is all Canadians' responsibility and duty to vote. After the sacrifices of so many so we would live in a free, peaceful county, we owe it to Canada to cast our ballot for the candidate we believe will best represent us. While no politicians are ever perfect, we must honour our leaders and also pray for them. We must pray that justice will roll down like a river, and that righteousness will return to our land.

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