Sunday, October 18, 2015

For This One Hour by William Arthur Ward

For this one hour I can be grateful.
I can thank God for life itself, for opportunities, for friends, and for a hundred other blessings and privileges to be counted, cherished and enjoyed.
For this one hour I can be cheerful.
Equipped with a smile, a song, and a sunny disposition, I can transform the atmosphere, enrich my environment, and brighten the day for others.
For this one hour I can be optimistic.
Striking a happy medium between the pessimist and the Pollyanna, I can realistically and confidently expect good things to happen to me and through me.
For this one hour I can spend some time in prayer.
I can pause to recharge my spiritual batteries, renew my mental perspectives, refresh my physical energies and replenish my faith in God and my fellowman.
For this one hour I can be unselfish.
I can take the Golden Rule off the shelf, dust it, unwrap it, and put it to work in my thoughts, words, and actions right now.
For this one hour I can look for the best in others.
It may take some diligent searching, patient seeking, and careful screening, but I will work at it, even as I want others to look for the best in me.
For this one hour I can help make someone happy.
I can do it through a word of encouragement or comfort, or perhaps by a helping hand, and understanding touch, and empathetic look, a telephone call, a letter, or a visit.
For this one hour I can be forgiving.
I can leave the lowlands of resentment, grudges and bitterness and rise to the highlands of understanding, love and forgiveness.
For this one hour I can be generous.
I can listen quietly and attentively when others want to talk. I can look for opportunities to give a well-deserved compliment to someone who needs it most.
For this one hour I can live in the present.
Now is the only time I have and I can use this hour wisely as a personal and precious gift from God.

This meditation was saved by my Grandma. There is some great advice in there! I wanted to post it once I read it this morning.

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