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Friday Morning Journal: Wednesday July 15, 1992

In 1992, the year Canada turned 125, my family went on a cross-country trek. I was nearly twelve at the time and Rachel turned three on the way out. We entertained her by a "Frieda Fuzzypaws" book that by the end of the trip we all had memorized. We also played a jelly bean game with various ways to earn a jelly bean such as finding all the letters of the alphabet or counting herds of cows on your side and graveyards on the other side. We went through Northern Ontario and down the transCanada highway, but we went back through the US. By July 15 we were in Yellowstone Park. 

I have corrected some of the more obvious spelling errors. I spelt spaghetti wrong, for example. I am not sure of my spelling of some of the places and gysers.

Wednesday July 15, 1992

It was cold this morning. I just want to lay in bed. We ate breakfast and packed up quickly. We are hoping we can get a site in Yellowstone this time. We stopped for gas for a long time. Karen says it will make use lose our site.

After waiting about half an hour we got a campsite at Madison in Yellowstone. Now we are going to see Yellowstone. I saw boiling streams that could burn you. Now we are going to see a waterfall. Oops! I forgot to mention a lot of trees around here are black on the bottom and don't have any leaves. They are dead because of a big fire they had in Yellowstone four years ago. It started by lightning and raged on for days. All along this road you see hot springs. They steam alot and stink like sulfur.

We went on a hike and saw alot of hot springs and gysers at the Norris Gyser Basin. I saw the Echinus gyser erupt. Hot water came up (really high) and there was lots of steam. Mom says it's because the water gets so hot underneath, it has to jump up. It's kind of like when you boil water it bubbles. I saw another gyser that was only two days old. It was erupting. Another gyser was only small but it used to be a major gyser before someone threw rocks in it.

We just stopped for lunch. Peanut butter sandwhiches, bananas, and muffins. There are some mountains around here. They're beautiful but nothing compared to the Canadian Rockies.

There was a fly on Mom's hat. She shook it off out the window. Her whole hat flew out the window! We had to back up and get it.

We went to Mamooth Hot Springs. Basically what it was was some weird rock formations in some places white like snow. There were hot springs and there was even a hot waterfall.

I saw a herd of elk by the road. There was a man standing on the road taking pictures of them. Dad got a little upset and said, "Excuse me sir."

We went to see Old Faithful. (Mom and Rachel stayed in the van). We were all thirsty and Dad went to buy us some pop. A couple minutes after he left Old Faithful erupted. It went up for about three minutes. By the time Dad came back it was over. We went back to the van. The parking lot was busy so we all, except Linda, decided to go for a walk. We saw more neat gysers and hotsprings. 50 min after we saw Old Faithful erupt we saw it again. Old Faithful isn't as faithful as it used to be. It used to do it every 60 min. but now it's a little off because of an earthquake. I saw three cow elks running right by the gysers into a river. They are so graceful.

We stopped to see some paint pots. They are bubbling mud kind of like hot springs except dirtier. One reminded us of boiling porridge and one of red bubbling medicine. It is almost supper. Well I have to pump up the air mattress.

We had spaghetti for supper. It was delicious.

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