Friday, October 09, 2015

Friday morning journal: Wednesday, February 18, 1998

I wrote this entry during what amounted to almost three months in the hospital when I was seventeen. I had been so ill, I could no longer speak and refused to eat. For awhile I was on an IV, after a bad reaction to a medication they had given me. I don't really remember much of January. By February I was on the road to recovery and I was released Friday, March 13th, 1998. One of my closest friendships today is with a girl who didn't even know me, but visited me in the hospital with one of my teachers. She sang to me and played the guitar. She sang "I will change your name. You shall no longer be called lonely, wounded, outcast or afraid... You will be called... confident, friend of God, overcoming one." She soothed me, just as David soothed Saul. She has a beautiful voice and spirit.

Wednesday February 18, 1998

I perch on my pink sheeted bed, recovering from my five minute workout. Through my rain speckled window I can the the houses, apartments, and telephone wires of downtown Hamilton.

My only visitors today were Laura and Kristie who brought along an apple fritter for me. Tomorrow I have my overnight! As for tonight I may have nil visitors

I am like a tiger pacing the length of my prison. This suggests restrained power. Truthfully I feel pretty powerless right now.

God, please, heal me completely soon! Until I am healed completely give me a peace about my present circumstances. Give me your strength and your righteousness, Jesus.

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