Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Whimsical Wednesdays: Why?...


Am I like
A bird freezing in a storm,
Perking to the sight of shelter,
Wings beating against the turbulence;
And when all it spies
Is open space
Between itself and comfort,
Wham, an unseen barrier blocks its way?

Or like
A wolf ensnared in a trap
Struggling violently to free itself,
But viciously biting
The helping hand?

If I am lying senseless in the snow
Because of my sinful nature,
Am I still caught in a snare
Because I refuse help
From the only One who can save?

I wrote the above poem in grade 10. The image of the bird hitting the window is my favourite part of this piece. Below are two haiku's. The first I wrote at 17 for my Poetry Anthology. The second was written for grade 11 English class.

Tiny maple tree
Beaten by the pounding rain
Whipped by whirling wind

Gold green speckled wheat
Fans surging at the Skydome
Are doing the wave

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