Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Family of Fourteen... and counting!

The excitement is building for my sister's January wedding. Today both my Mom and myself went dress shopping and she found a dress she loves, as did I. Christina accompanied us on our shopping trip and we really appreciated her fashion take and help. When I went to pay for my dress I found out the discount went even deeper, and then on top of that I got another 15% off, when my Mom decided to sign up for the Bay credit card. I ended up being seven minutes late for my appointment, but it was definitely worth it. The dress is very unique, so I won't have to worry about any one else wearing the same dress, as happened at my high school prom to three of us.

We will be going to Peterborough a day early, and I am trying to learn to style my own hair nicely before the wedding so I can do it myself. I just got it cut in a more manageable style. Apparently any Shopper's Drug Mart will do your makeup for free, and you can make a donation. I was going to figure out how to properly apply full makeup and buy everything I needed, but you can't really beat free, especially when you consider how infrequently I wear makeup.

Last night I had a wonderful Immanuel session, and I went on a longish walk which was invigorating. This morning we had our last regular Bible study for the season. Next week is our Christmas potluck dinner and celebration service. I have been attending since August, which has been a wonderful upbuilding experience. I think my Wednesday night Bible study has three more meetings and it also has been a real blessing.

Today my clinic sent my back to work letter in to my employer, so I really am going to be able to return to work next week. I am feeling pretty positive about finally returning to work and I should be back to full-time after Christmas sometime.

Christmas with the entire family is coming closer and I am really looking forward to it as well. We haven't had the entire family together in so long, since at Rachel's wedding the two youngest of my oldest sister's children weren't there. It will be a full house. We are going to our relatives to spend Boxing Day with them and then celebrating our family's Christmas the following day. It is already November 24th so that really is just over a month away. Excited to have my brother's lovely girlfriend Camille join us for our Christmas and the wedding. So much to look forward to!
Four of the five sisters over two years ago. Three of my sisters get enviable tans.

My beautiful youngest sister at Dundas Peak.
My sister who is getting married and I two summers ago.

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