Friday, November 06, 2015

My Grandest Obsession

I am one for grand obsessions. The all or nothing, black and white thinking, the do or die. I sometimes am guilty of fighting on the wrong hills, and perishing in a cloud of gun powder and smoke.

This blog became my obsession. I enjoy writing my thoughts and I did. every. single. day. I didn't consider it a proper morning until I had posted. While writing proved therapeutic, checking my blog constantly for how many people were tuning in wasn't. And in the end, it became another addiction to add to my list.

What can I say? I must have an addictive personality. I have quit Facebook and, though I tweeted for awhile and still have Twitter followers being added, rather inexplicably to my mind, I am not longer tweeting either. I just opened an Instagram account, to fill the void left by Facebook and have been on Pinterest a lot lately.

But when your social media persona starts to take over your waking life, you know it is time to restore some healthy balance. And life will get busy again; once I start working so posting every day will become impractical.

God has been dealing with me in the area of selfishness, pride, and navel gazing. So in the future I will be blogging less and prayer journaling more. I will be checking on my blog less and writing more cards to friends. Email checks will become less frequent and I will spend less time on my phone.

Balance is key to a healthy life. And face time with friends is more important than any online relationship. Also exercise and healthy eating are essential. So I will take more walks, call up more friends, go to the gym when I have time available, and try to have a better grand obsession... namely pursuing God's purposes passionately, spending time in prayer instead of just writing about it, and sitting at the feet of the Master.

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