Saturday, July 24, 2010

Risky Business

I think it is appropriate with Katie Holmes in the area shooting a movie on JKO that we watch a classic movie starring Tom Cruise. No actual risky business is being attempted, never fear... My dad is a professional, after all, in his field of accounting, and the rest of us are over 13 and under sixty, therefore this classic should be entirely age-appropriate and completely non-shocking to our tender sensitivities. A report shall follow about how many of us stick with the movie until the final scene...


Suzanne said...

Risky Business mission aborted! Repeat! Risky Business mission aborted!

Movie seen as inappropriate for all who dwell under this roof by head of the household... Movie rating R.

Suzanne said...

There was a better movie on our local station anyways.


...hmmn, if it's a horror movie.. i, 100% stick till the end...don't wanna miss any single detail...lols..

..ahmm..thanks for the kind words you left on my blog the other day... it really feels good to know you're readin' my works... thanks a ton and yeah, i'll keep all your words in my heart!!!(^^)

A Blessed sunday!!!:)


Suzanne said...

Have you seen Psycho? The only horror movie I've viewed all the way through is Signs. I just don't like that genre of movie much.
Risky Business is in the vein of "The Graduate" and involves a prostitute and a young man who is initiated into the world of women and sex. It is a comedy and a coming of age story, but my dad doesn't agree with that kind of coming of age. I have to respect that.
You are welcome for the kind words... you deserve them because you are a true artist with words and with images.