Friday, July 16, 2010

My Exciting Friday night

My family has gone to my sister's soccer match, and I await their return so that we can watch the movie "Invictus" featuring two of my favourite actors. It is based on a fascinating true story about Nelson Mandela post-Apartheid and a sports team made of South African players, both black and white and all shades in between.


Suzanne said...

Actually it was rugby, which I know even less about than soccer. It was pretty good for a sports movie, and of course Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman do not disappoint me... They almost never do. I just don't understand why so much slow motion was necessary near the end of the movie.

Suzanne said...

Also there weren't many shades in between black and white, except for on the All Black team from New Zealand, and they had a player named Chester who was the only black player on the South African team.