Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Today I finally got around to filling in my wall calendar for this semester. And it is *only* January 26th. I have two group projects and numerous assignments due in the coming weeks. I have never been this disorganized and it is starting to stress me out. On Monday I have three tests. I am not sure how I will make it through to the end of February let alone the end of April. Somehow my motivation is lacking. And the class work is the easy part for me... clinical is much more demanding and challenging. Let's hope I can pull up my socks!


Karen said...

Hey, Suzanne,
Miss you! Hoping to talk to you soon. Hope your week gets off to a good start tomorrow :)

Suzanne said...

Hi Karen.
Yeah we haven't talked in a long time! My tests went well and clinical was okay today. I think I may have a day off tomorrow due to the weather... it would be nice!

Jono and Janice said...

You can get organized tomorrow! One day at a time!