Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On Living and Dying

Emily Dickenson once began a poem "Heart do not break, they mend and ache..." And it is very true, your heart can be torn, it can be divided, or it can be trampled on, but it does not ever break. It isn't made of porcelain, or even bendable steel. Sometimes you yourself tear a piece out of your own heart and trust that your heart itself will mend. In the Bible it says to guard your heart for out of it comes the wellspring of life. Sometimes I think I have been looking for water in broken cisterns that cannot even hold water.
In the end, something in you has to die, before you can ever be reborn. In the end, you must choose what is your true treasure. Before it is too late, you have to decide who is really in charge of your own life, and then you may realize that your life was really a gift that was not your own at all. And then you may understand that you have been given other gifts too; some that you have buried; others that you have tossed aside, and others that you haven't even discovered yet. Jesus once said "Physician heal thyself" (KJV) and I think his point was that if we want healing we should find the source of the true living water and then journey towards that source until we reach our destination. But then we will also discover it wasn't about the destination at all; it was all about the journey. And really we all want some kind of heavenly city and some kind of garden of peace and joy and hope, and we all want a renewed earth. The world is never ever beyond redemption! Thanks be to God!


Marian said...

Wow, Suzanne. That is profound and so true.

Suzanne said...

Thanks Mom!


Indeed very thought provoking... and i think i have found my day in here.. thanks!!!:D

Have a blessed day!!!:)


Suzanne said...

You're welcome Kelvin! God bless you, as well.

Suzanne said...

I took Jesus' words out of context. He actually said something more like, "Doubtless you will quote this proverb to me: Physician heal thyself..." So he was quoting a common proverb and then he proceeded to make his point... Which wasn't the same point I was trying to make, either. Still Jesus is the living water and the bread of life. And the important part right now is the journey and not the route or the scenery. I got out of the sloth of despond, at least.