Sunday, March 07, 2010

Twenty-nine and half

Well, I am over half way between 29 and 30, and I have less than six months to accomplish my list of 30 things I wanted to get done. This winter I haven't gone downhill skiing, and I still haven't eaten a lobster, or become a full-fledged optimist. I am unlikely to travel to a foreign country, or take a pottery class, as I am considering taking a summer semester, leaving me with little time for a vacation or leisure activities. I haven't written in a journal even once in the past half year, I haven't befriended a friendless person, and I have gained weight instead of losing it, so my belly has become more rotund rather than less. This blog has never been more neglected, although I have posted two posts this year that I have since deleted; I am unlikely to reach my 100th blog post goal. While the summer could see me taking up roller-blading, starting a running program I have been planning on getting to for years, doing a couple of repetitions of the escarpment stairs, learning to barbeque, going on a road trip, snapping pictures with a new digital camera, and playing my first tennis game, I will definitely have to exert myself to accomplish even some of those visions. I can see myself learning how to bake a lemon meringue pie and to cook a whole chicken, but completing ten consecutive push-ups seems an illusive goal. My most troubling failure is in my spiritual life; I haven't developed a daily prayer life, my relationship with Christ remains distant, and the spiritual disciplines and fruits of the Spirit haven't been much developed.

The goals I have made progress on include starting the Practical Nursing program this January, which is going well so far, and becoming involved at the Meetinghouse, where I have been attending a small group and volunteering my time for various causes. For awhile it seemed that I had found a new place to live with new room-mates, and I even moved all my furniture to the new place. Unfortunately my would-be room-mates changed their minds and they now have a couple of new room-mates living with them. Other progress includes the successful accomplishment of a simple sewing job, and the more tidy habits I have been keeping of late. I have joined Christian Cafe and I have corresponded with a few people, and even meet some of them in person, but I haven't started a serious relationship. I have intentionally developed more of a social life, and have gone to a couple of weddings of friends, and a couple of showers most notably.

At this point, my progress towards these goals seems unimpressive and lack-lustre. However there is a good chance with a redoubled and renewed effort, I can manage to accomplish at least half of them before August 29. Most importantly, I think I can focus my energy on the goals that matter the most, growing and developing spiritually. Other priorities include a more active life-style, and broadening my horizons by new experiences and developing new skills. May the next six months be full of learning and growing experiences!


Marian said...

I love you!

Anonymous said...

me again. I'd encourage you to reconsider the metrics by which you evaluate your "spiritual growth."

things like daily bible reading, fruit of spirit, etc., yes, those things are all fine and good, but I don't think being able to check those things off is what makes you spiritually progressed or not.

spirituality is a relationship, a relationship with God. In real life, we simply don't judge relationships in that way. Like to be a good daughter you need to call your mother X number of times per week. To be a good wife you need to sleep with your husband X number of times per month. To be a good mother you need to attend X number of your child's soccer games. Again, phone calls, sex and soccer, all good things, but the counting of them is not how we evaluate those relationships, is it?

(Or, to follow up on your meetinghouse endeavours, what would bruxy say? I think it would be something like how bringing her the same blue rose every tuesday isn't how you judge a good romance).

So think again: what's a better way to pursue your spiritual relationship?


Anonymous said...

The nice thing about goals is that even if we don't meet them they tend to take us to places that we would not of gone to if we didn't have them in the first place.

Best of luck with meeting your goals for this year!(maybe visiting Saskatchewan classifies as visiting a foreign country?!?!?)


Suzanne said...

Thanks Mom for your love.

Anonymous I can see your point that these indicators are not necessarily a measure of spiritual growth, especially if they are performed as a dead ritual, without any desire for change. Maybe they would make me feel better in my spiritual performance, but they would not be indicative of a heart change. At the same time, a daily prayer life would be a step in the right direction and may lead to a change of heart and attitude. And if I am not developing good spiritual fruit, I have to question what is wrong. I will have to think more about your final question. Spiritual growth is a better goal than meeting these indicators.

Thanks Clint for your comment and good wishes! I would certainly like to visit Saskatchewan, maybe in the summertime of this year.