Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm Accepted....

...into the Practical Nursing Program at Mohawk College for January 2010! I checked online today and noticed my acceptance status was Final Offer and confirmation deadline was listed as September 25, 2009. I was pretty sure this meant I was accepted, so I signed into Ontario Colleges, after figuring out my user name and password again, and found that I had one offer for admission for my one and only program choice. Somehow I had thought I would get a piece of mail telling me this, but that's not how it works. Without wasting anymore time, I confirmed the offer of admission. I am feeling relieved and happy that I'm accepted into my program. When I told my mom she suggested we celebrate somehow, so we went out to dinner this evening to East Side Mario's. Today I had taken a rare sick day, as I was feeling quite sick this morning. I felt quite a bit better by afternoon, and even better when I found out this exciting news.
I will have about two months left at Connon Nurseries, and I may be able to do Second Career when I start school in January. Before I start all my immunizations have to be up-to-date, and I need to get training in First Aid and CPR again. Now that I know I am accepted, I can think about moving out to a new place with one or more room-mates. So if any one in my rather limited readership knows of any possible places or room-mates for me to live with, I would appreciate hearing from you. I feel it would be good for me to be more independent, even if it is cheaper to live at home. That's one thing accomplished on my list so far. Only twenty-nine to go.


Karen / Clint said...

Way to go! Excited to hear that you are accepted and now you can plan for the coming months. I would expect a piece of paper, too.... but at least you were able to find out.

Suzanne den Boer said...

Actually I was mistaken that I wouldn't get any mail. Today I received mail from Mohawk with information about their offer for admission and my next steps, including confirming my application at Ontario So I just found out one day early by checking online. I guess it doesn't really make sense that they wouldn't send you mail. They want you to go to their college after all.
I am pretty excited and there is a lot to do now I'm accepted.