Sunday, May 03, 2009

Weighty Issues

My weight has fluctuated over the years. Being on medication that causes weight gain for over ten years, I have a ready excuse for my ballooning size. Not only is my appetite artificially enhanced, my body "wants" to be heavier. The times when I have lost weight it is because I switched to a medication that causes less weight gain than the one I was previously on. In the summer of 2000 I was making a medication change as well as working in a hellishly hot environment, and these factors combined to curb my appetite and the pounds dropped off with very little effort on my part. Every time I got fitted for my bridesmaid dress for my sister's wedding it had to be taken in. I was a trim 130 pounds, my weight in grade nine. When I started university, I gained ten pounds and then lost it the following summer. My new medication also caused weight gain, and I gradually put on weight as I completed university and entered the work-force. In 2007, when I was again in the hospital dealing with my illness, I switched medications again to one that still caused weight gain but to a lesser degree, and also made it hard to eat due to the side-effects. I also was fasting from chocolate for Lent and generally avoiding sweets, eating healthy, and exercising. Over the summer I continued to lose weight until I weighed 125 pounds, and didn't want to lose anymore. Unfortunately the new medication elevated my prolactin levels, so I had to go back to my old more expensive medication, and since then I have put on thirty pounds, so that I now weigh more than I ever have before.

Considering the fact that the times I have lost weight it has been primarily because I got off a medication that is notorious for causing weight gain, I wonder if I can even exercise enough and eat healthily enough that I can lose the added pounds. I can't rely on hunger signals as my appetite is not a reliable guide. I have to stop eating while I am still hungry. I need to avoid emotional eating or eating when I am bored or happen to be alone in the kitchen. I am writing this post to keep myself accountable to this new regimen. NO snacking between meals, other than fruits and vegetables. NO decadent desserts, other than for special occasions. Tea instead of hot chocolate. Smaller portions at supper. Going for a walk of at least twenty minutes at least four times a week, even if I have no one to walk with. My goal is to lose twenty pounds by the end of the summer, five pounds every month. Although my coworkers kindly tell me I look better at this weight, I don't like the added paunch and padding. I hope to write a celebratory post when I reach my goal. I think I'll take an unattractive picture of myself soon so I can have a before and after photo.


Karen / Clint said...

Good to see that you are blogging more again! I missed your posts. I applaud your making your healthiness goals public - that definitely is a motivator. The only thing that kept me running two summers ago was knowing that I was running a race in September. I agree with your coworkers that you still look great; I would hardly guess it was 30 pounds. But definitely in your shoes I would be wanting to do the same thing. Good luck! Btw, I agree about the romantic comedies. I am a suck for them and Clint will sometimes watch them with me, but I also have to watch actions and aliens, etc.

Suzanne den Boer said...

Thanks for the comment Karen. Yeah, I hope to revive this blog again. I missed writing. I really hope I can lose the weight. On week 1 of the regimen there has been no change of weight, although I have been exercising and snacking very little. That's nice that Clint will sometimes watch romantic comedies with you, even if you have to watch his type of movies sometimes too. It is definitely more fun to watch a movie with someone, and Christina and Rachel don't go for most romantic comedies.