Thursday, November 16, 2006

Withdrawal Symptoms (from Friends)

"I was feeling lazy," she said, moseying up to the sink, rinsing the stale water from the dishes, "so I made spaghetti pie. Remember when Mom used to make that? Of course, I didn't use cottage cheese."

"Sisterly solidarity," she said, laughing a little, lilting-like, with her head, tilting-like, going up to kiss the ceiling, "My spinach has been past the due date for a week now, and I'm still eating it."

"Oh, I started sliding a little today--in the rain," she said, sighing, like golden leaves would sigh if they did, "I think I need new tires. Someone said I should just change my front tires with my back tires. Of course, I wouldn't really know how to do that. And when I changed the back ones, the whole front might just roll away."

"She bought her wedding dress," she said, pausing, thoughtfully, with the dish towel limp in her hand. "She described it to me; but you know how sometimes you just can't see it in your mind--what it is that they're describing? I'll have to see it sometime, though."

"Mm hm," I said, typing furiously.


Suzanne den Boer said...

As you may have gathered, these four posts have been written by my sister Rachel, who, given the chance, will become a prolific writer on someone else's blog. She thought I would delete them, but I rather like them. I think she is a very talented writer. I just deleted my own post, because I don't like it.
Thanks for guest blogging Rachel and maybe you can give me a few pointers.

C and/or K said...

Remind me never to give Rachel my blogger password! Rachel, I do like the story - I thought Suzanne wrote it.