Friday, August 18, 2006

1. One book that changed your life: The Purpose Driven Life (The Bible has made the most significant impact on my life by far, but Rick Warren's book also changed me and gave me hope for my future. I am going to read it again this September.)
2. One book that you’ve read more than once: Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien
3. One book you’d want on a desert island: The Bible in a Greek, Hebrew, and English edition (not the NIV since I know that version well.)
4. One book that made you laugh: The Indispensible Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Waterson
5. One book that made you cry: The Boys or Waiting for the Electrician's Daughter by John Terpstra
6. One book that you wish had been written: I've thought of a few books I wish had been written like a step by step guide to my bright future or a book showing the way to a healthy medication-free life, but I think I will go with a wish that Jane Austen had written an eighth novel.
7. One book that you wish had never been written: Left Behind by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. In truth, I would have been content if they had stopped after the first book, but even better would have been that the first book was never even conceived of.
8. One book you’re currently reading: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, a book I've already read three times and now have three copies of, since I just purchased Selected Works of the Bronte Sisters.
9. One book you’ve been meaning to read: "To the Lighthouse" by Virginia Woolf
10. Now tag five people: I retag Rachel and Christina and tag Andrea Hensen. I won't tag anyone else.


Anonymous said...

if you like jane eyre, you should read _wide sargasso sea_ by jean rhys.

Suzanne den Boer said...

I looked up that book and found out it was written from the perspective of Mr. Rochester's mad wife Bertha. It sounds extremely intriguing, but I think I would find the "mad" narration disturbingly close to my own past personal experience. However I am so curious, I think I will try to locate a copy of Wide Sargosso Sea.

Mary-Ann Wiersma said...

I meant to tell you this, but forgot. I have a book that you absolutely must read at some point. It is called Captivating, by John and Stasi Eldridge. I cried my way through it (on the GO train and subway no less). Every woman needs to read this book. I have to lend it to Dave, and then to Laurel, but if you want to borrow it when they are finished with it, let me know!