Sunday, July 30, 2006

Moving Out

I am moving to my own apartment in September. It is a bachelor apartment in the basement of a house, quite tiny but adequate provided I minimize my possessions and keep it tidy. It has only a microwave and a hot-plate, but I will buy a high-end toaster oven. The fridge is small and so is the counter-top but there is a lot of cupboard space. The apartment is already furnished, but I will use some of it and bring in some of my own. I am stealing my sister's upper bunk from her room and taking my brother's old futon, so I will have room and a place to sit and an extra bed when needed. There is cable tv (but I don't have a tv yet) and high-speed internet (I just bought a lap-top). I think that these things are included in the very affordable rent. The apartment already looks very nice, but once I decorate it and move my stuff in it will seem more home-y. I am excited to move out on my own, but I will need to get out a lot and do things with friends and volunteer in the evenings or I will feel lonely and cramped. My parents are delighted I'm moving out, although they do suggest I visit fairly regularly. My sister Christina will be moving into my old room, which will be nice for her as her room now is very small. Pictures to follow- they are still on my Mom's camera and not on the computer.

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